Savory Pies

Zucchini Frittata - Tender, green zucchini shredded and mixed with eggs, swiss cheese, onions and seasonings and ready to bake in our signature crust. 
5 inch -$6.95

6 inch - $9.95
8 inch - $19.95
10 inch $28.95

Bacon Cheddar Frittata - Crispy bacon, fresh chopped scallions, sharp cheddar cheese mixed with eggs and seasonings ready to bake in our signature crust!
5 inch $6.95

6 inch - $9.95
8 inch $19.95
10 inch $28.95

Shepherd's Pie - An old - time favorite made of seasoned black Angus ground beef in Au Jus gravy, sweet corn and fluffy mashed potatoes for a wholesome, hearty meal.
Small (1 lb) $6.95
Large (3 lb) $21.95
Party size (8 lb) 49.95 

Chicken Pot Pie

Chock full of tender breast meat, hand-cut carrots and celery and green peas with our own made- from- scratch gravy, topped with our signature crust.

Small (1 lb) $6.95

Large (3 lb) $21.95

Party size (8 lb) 49.95

Canadian Meat Pie

An authentic French-Canadian recipe! Flavorful black Angus beef and ground pork sauteed with onion and seasonings blended with Red Bliss potatoes and enveloped in our signature flaky crust.

5 inch (1/2 lb) $6.95

6 inch (1 lb) - $9.95

8 Inch (2 lb) $19.95

10 Inch (3.5 lb) $29.95

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