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Come visit our Retail Store and choose from our large selection of frozen, ready to bake pies along with all the other goodies featured on our website.  We do not take pre orders for pies and we are not able to hold pies prior to pick up but you are welcome to call ahead to check the availability of what you want.

Top of a baked fruit pie with a heart cutout

Introducing "Throwback Thursdays"

In honor of our 25 year anniversary we will be featuring the "pie of the month" every Thursday, in every size,  for 25% off.  The flavor for June is Strawberry Rhubarb.

Dessert Pies

Ready  to Bake Frozen Pies.

All Natural - No Trans fats!

We'll make it, you bake it!
With our frozen products, you can enjoy the convenience of a home baked pie, whenever you choose, without all the fuss. Our ready to bake fruit pies are tailor made for home baking. All pies include complete baking instructions and come packaged in an attractive, re-sealable container perfect for transporting or storing any unused portions.

10" Pies Provide eight generous servings and weigh an average of three

and a half pounds!
Available in our Retail Store for

8" Pies Average two pounds each and provide six generous servings.
Available in our Retail Store for

6" Pies We call this the Goldilocks pie! If the 5" is too small and the 8" is

too big, the 6" is just right! Provides two to three servings.

Available in our Retail Store for $11.95

5" Pies Are so cute we call them Cutie Pies!  They are perfect for small families or served as individual desserts.  (And although they're big enough to share, they're small enough to eat all by yourself!)

Available in our Retail Store for $7.95 

6 in straw.jpg

5 inch Cutie Pies

6 inch Pie


New England Apple - Freshly peeled apples tossed with brown sugar and spices,
heaped high beneath our delicate, flaky crust. *Also available with crumb topping.
Wild Blueberry - Flavorful and juicy wild blueberries, kissed with lemon, nestled inside our tender, flaky crust. *Also available with crumb topping.
Black & Blue - Two of summers most flavorful berries - blackberries and blueberries - together in one pie with fresh lemon and cinnamon.
Blue Barb - Plump and sweet blueberries partnered with tart rhubarb and a dash of orange zest. (Seasonal)
Blue Raspberry - Tart red raspberries together with sweet, juicy blueberries enhanced with fresh lemons and a touch of cinnamon.
Cherry - Tart, Michigan grown cherries enhanced with a dash of pure almond oil.
Jumble Berry - Our Blue Ribbon Winner! Tart Cape Cod cranberries, sweet strawberries, wild blueberries and zesty oranges. Yum!

Mince - Our own version of this traditional New England favorite made of
kettle-cooked apples, raisins, oranges, lemons and spices. (Seasonal, Fall)
Pineapple - Sweet, juicy pineapple enhanced with its own juice. Pair it with coconut ice cream for a perfectly tropical summer treat! (Seasonal)
Orchard Peach -Locally grown, fresh off the tree peaches tossed with just enough cinnamon and sugar to bring out their fragrant flavor. AUG + SEPT ONLY! 
Strawberry Rhubarb - Sugar sweet strawberries partnered with tart rhubarb and just a touch of orange zest. 25% off On Thursdays during June!
Summer Medley - Summer's favorite's - Tart rhubarb, sweet strawberries and plump blueberries, enhanced with fresh oranges. (Seasonal)
Very Berry - Blackberries, raspberries and strawberries with a dash of cinnamon create a delightful mix of summer flavors.

Cherry fruit pie next to a bowl of cherries

Fully Baked, Thaw and Serve Pies

Butter Pecan - Loads of roasted pecans crown a buttery soft vanilla filling.
Luscious Lemon - Tart, tangy and delightfully refreshing, bursting

with lemon flavor.
Squmpkin® - Field harvested sugar pumpkins and winter squash cooked with
low-fat milk and spices into a creamy custard. (Seasonal. Oct, Nov and Dec)
Sweet Potato -  Oven roasted sweet potatoes blended with low-fat milk, sweet cream butter, vanilla and spices.  A great way to eat your vegetables! (Seasonal Oct, Nov and Dec)

Cream Pies

Our cream pies are made with 1% Low-fat, farm fresh milk (antibiotic & hormone free) and are topped with 100% REAL Whipped Cream! All cream pies are filled into our homemade graham cracker crust.


Chocolate Cream - Our own rich, dark chocolate filling topped with a pillow of whipped cream and chocolate chips on top.

Key Lime - A tart and tangy taste of the tropics made with authentic Key West key lime juice, topped with whipped cream.

Cannoli Pie - Creamy, sweetened ricotta studded with tiny chocolate chips, topped with whipped cream and crushed pistachios on top. 

Cream Pies.jpg
Choc Cream.jpg

Cannoli, Key Lime and Chocolate Cream.

5 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch.

Raspberry Hearts

Our frozen, ready to bake Raspberry Hearts are filled with luscious, ruby red raspberries and offered in our traditional flaky pie crust! Tender and delicious, these delicate heart shaped pastries are sure to please.

Seasonal call for availability.
Package of three - $12.95

New England Apple Crisp

The Fruit, The Whole Fruit, and Nothing But the Fruit!
Our wholesome Apple crisps offer another delicious way to serve up

nature's bounty. These ready to bake desserts are bursting with ripe,

juicy apples covered with a crunchy brown sugar and rolled oat topping.

Delightful served warm with a generous scoop of ice cream!

Small Crisp - $6.95 Serves 2

Large Crisp - $12.95 Serves 5
Party Size Apple Crisp-

An eight pound package that serves 12.


153 Washington St.

East Walpole, MA 02032


We are proud to offer fresh, local eggs from Everleigh Farm in Charlton.  These happy chickens are pasture raised and are fed a non GMO, soy free diet.  You can taste the difference! $6.00/dozen



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